Saturday, 28 June 2008

hit the boards

finally managed to get back on the track last monday. great to be learnt how unfit i am these days.

it was a much more enjoyable experiance compared to last time... too early on a saturday after a late night and a rather inappropriate nitto stem on the merckx for manchester's banking...

the track rookies appeared to have a whole heap of fun too

thanks to ness at ibikemcr and the crew at manchester velodrome for setting us up

thunderdrome alleycat

thunderdrome result's as follows...

1st clodge
2nd rich
3rd jason
4th chicken
5th njsgaz (with the bridgestone)
6th david
7th clarke
8th tim (well done!)
9th vinnie
10th dave (guy with the langster and pink rim)
11th danny
12th millhouse
13th ben (who wear's the peaugot jersey)
14th surly matt
dfl luke (won fastest time but lost due to missing checkpoint two)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

profile x velocity

for further information and price

flanders frame

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back to the old school



Sunday, 1 June 2008

l'enfer du nord ouest III 2008

get over it...

satisfied customers...

yo fixie III mcr 2008

blue checking frames


san marco: SOLD


for further information, sizes and price

recent builds

recent builds
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archie wilkinson: SOLD

genesis flyer: SOLD
soma rush: SOLD