Sunday, 10 August 2008

i heart mcr #1

mcr hhsb

a certain mister robert hayles paid us a visit last week...
possibly the ultimate hhsb in manchester???

cantgoslo/ride fixt t's

ride fixt shirts are SOLD OUT
white cgs logo on black shirt available

from safety to... where?

rumours abounded this was going to be a tough one. not really... it was a mere twenty miles, two manifests with a total of seventeen checkpoints

1: jason cattermole

fifteen minutes later...

tie 2: clarky and mike

tie 4: lil' dan and adam

6: the original liam walsh

dfl: lee

dnf: richard the pink scouse - flat, milhouse - awol, will - too much cake...

dq'd: luke - failing to get manifest signed at 1st checkpoint, not reading second page of manifest, generally being obnoxious and not even bothering to complete the course

a rather poor turn out for this event, i was expecting at least another half dozen of the usual suspects to make an appearance... so whats up with mcr messengers? noone seems to be arsed any more... or is it that y'all scared the fakengers are gonna show you up?

never mind. it was great see some of the bmx locals turning up riding fixed and doing pretty well
jason took the win he so rightly deserves...

he'll be heading down to london, on a round trip ticket courtesy of clodge, to represent the newly formed team cantgoslo at london calling. mebbe he'll save some of his prize money so he can have tea with a queen...

thanks to our marshals: lil chris and mo, zero and tim, rose and lei-mai (and their lovely friend), harry at central skate park, finally ben an nesstar

thanks to the sponsors: clodge for putting up his ticket after the supposed main sponsor "disappeared", cantgoslo for shirts and london calling registration, bicycle boutique for various bits of bike stuff