Friday, 17 April 2009

yo fixie 09

great weather, fantastic turnout and a superb day


the devil take the hindmost eliminator circuit race
winner: clodge
sprint x skid
winner: james wise - ran out of road
winner: simon
footdown smackdown
winner: will from leeds
best fixed trick
winner: chicken?
street drinking
winner: buffalo bill

overall winner: clodge, soon to be owner of a custom track bike

amazingly i didnt loose my voice

all entry fees donated to ibikemcr. keep up the good work nestar!

thanks to sponsors: cgs, bikeboutique, tlw, and especially tokyofixedgear

ghetto footage courtesy of pinkscouse

Yo Fixie! '09 from Writ of Outlawry on Vimeo.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

the hell of the north west 2009

thanks to EVERYONE that turned up, raced and marshaled

1: clodge
tie 2: jason and luke

long, tough course with the winner taking the spoils and a record number of dnf's

ghetto footage from the pinkscouse

Hell Of The North West from Writ of Outlawry on Vimeo.

sponsored by: cantgoslo, bikeboutique, tokyofixedgear, mer bags

Sunday, 12 April 2009


fun filled weekend.
i'll loose my voice and some brain cells for the fourth year running

stomping ground

whoever's scoping the site from lake monger drive in perth - thanks - it brought back some memories...

its also really nice to see that perth is finally hosting this year's acmc, something i was kinda involved in organising many, many years ago... and i'm really proud to to have been part of a scene that has continued to grow in strength and unity...

i used to messenger in perth for a few years before the threat of skin cancer became too real, the dooring i got bust my leg. and the lure of earning money back home became to big.

happy days of getting inebriated at the city hotel on a friday after work, rowing with a pursuit interceptor in hay street subiaco, hustling darryl about old school track frames in cyclemania, standing by at 77 and 200 sgt, otcha's excellent rocket fuel at 216, spending hours and hours at the speed dome riding the boards, the little creatures time trial, having a year round crap bike tan and holding a whole season of alleycats that have prolly been forgotten about in the mists of time

i really cant believe it was ten years ago...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009