Monday, 8 September 2008

escape from bolton!!!19.09.08


fixed gear only drag race

bolton to manchester

start: 8pm 19.09.08
bolton train station
£5 entry

more information, route suggestions and finish available from

sponsored by cantgoslo, bicycle boutique, profile racing and italian solutions
prizes include dolan track frame, limited edition clothing, fixed gear gearing

ahem... and finally the results...

1 jason cattermole
2 charlie baker
3 james melville
4 james wise
5 chris chapman
6 millhouse
7 pink scouse
8 the liam walsh
9 dave tideswell
10 adam russ


Anonymous said...

cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon pics pics pics pics pics

Adam said...

Yeah... C'mon Nasty i didn't get DFL for you not to write something taking the piss out of me... C'mon...!!